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App that enables user to unify all their social profiles into a single profile

About Us

  • My Social Handle is a platform where you create a unique ID for all your social medias. There will be no longer any confusion in remembering and sharing different handles. There are certain benefits of creating this unique id, one of the most important is you can search for your friends, family or acquaintance very easily by knowing their email, phone number or any social id. Your all social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc will be linked together with an amazing customised privacy setting. Icing on the cake is if anyone calls you, you not only be able to find out who he/she is but also be able to check their different social profiles (Giving you a better perspective of the person).
  • In the era where everything is digitalized we are still using the traditional visiting card. Here you can create your customized digital card and share with anyone following simple steps.
  • Last but not the least, you will be able to know your social worth. Doesn't it sound interesting to know a person through his popularity rather than financial status.

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